Saturday, April 08, 2006


I made this boardbook the other day at a scrapbook store. I can't believe tomorrow will be Palm Sunday.
I saw an interesting quote the other day: Angels, exist, but sometimes, since they don't have wings, we call them friends. I did not see who the author was.
I went to a baby shower today. Babies are so beautiful. Life is so precious. It is so good to get to see friends you haven't seen in awhile.
My cousin sent me some great quotes the other day for IVGLDSW Day. One was: Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out ~ but I can usually shut her up with cookies! (OK, I cleaned it up a little.) Another one that I thought was a hoot: If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning. ~Catherine~
I love to scrapbook. I started a class today at a store in Edmond called Just4Keeps. (The same place I made the boardbook.) The class is about scapbooking about yourself. Those of us who are scrapbookers are usually taking all the pictures, and end up telling about our family and friends. I've noticed that I don't tend to be in any of the pictures. So the idea is to put in writing, or pictures and journaling, what is the essence of you ~ what you want your children and grandchildren to know about you. It has caused me to reflect a bit today. How well do many of us know ourselves? Are there things about ourselves that we are proud of, and what are we not so proud of? What/who do we love, enjoy? What makes us happy? What is the difference between joy and happiness? What would make you a success or a failure? in whose eyes? I know I love the snow (the light snow like we had here in Oklahoma last month). I love to walk. I love spring and I love the smell of rain.