Saturday, August 30, 2008

another card

I made a card yesterday for someone special. Actually, it took me several days to make it, a little at a time, because the metal work is somewhat labor intensive. I still wasn't happy with it, but I am trying to be less of a perfectionist. The quote really summed up where I am right now in my life.

~Bye for now.

Monday, August 04, 2008


I love to create. I took a class at the local scrapbook store this past weekend. We learned a new technique in stamping using very detailed stamps and putting the ink on with a brayer.


This is the bookcase that was supposed to be pictured in the previous post

I love Crate and Barrel

I am a book person. I needed another bookcase and I wanted one that would fit underneath a large worktable that I have. I ordered the 44" Kendell bookcase from Crate and Barrel. When it came, I was determined to put it together myself. I laid out all the pieces on the carpet. At the end, the back was 1" too long. I was convinced I had followed the directions. I even called customer service. The man was very nice. He even pointed out that one reason they recommend that two people put it together is that sometimes it takes two sets of eyes. At any rate, I unscrewed all the bolts, and I had somehow transposed the right and left ends. Eventually, I got it together, and moved into the room I wanted it in. I felt such a sense of accomplishment.
~ Bye for now

Friday, August 01, 2008

Check out my new Personal Web Page!

I have a new personal web page for my Demarle at Home business. It is

Rancho Las Palmas

In mid July, I attended the annual convention for Demarle at Home held at Rancho Las Palmas Spa and Resort, about 80 miles east of LA. I was so amazed on the drive from LA to Palm Springs by the number of windmill farms. And the mountains are incredibly brown. It was so HOT there - but beautiful in its own way.
We stopped between LA and Palm Springs at the Hadley Fruit Orchards. They have rows and rows of dates, dried fruit and nuts, as well as organic grains. I bought some almonds and medjool dates. The medjool dates have a rich mahogany color and a soft texture and the sensation of taste and texture in your mouth is heavenly.
We all learned new techniques at the convention. It was exciting to learn about new products, and to participate in the workshops with chefs. Learning about using the inductive heating plate was very exciting - and it is very energy efficient. The Demarle at Home plant in France is pollution free and the products are green and the flexipans have a lifetime guarantee.