Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watercolor of a scene from Trento, Italy

The first is a photo of my sketch in progress, and the second photo is of the "finished" watercolor.  I had alot of trouble with the clouds in the sky.  I am not really happy with it, but I am going to keep it as early watercolor and then compare after I have had some training.  I am now reading "Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain"  and hope it will enable me to draw what I am seeing.   Or to see what is there so I can draw it.  Thanks for looking.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Status Post Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) Transplant

  This photo was taken on Day 49 following my Bone Marrow (Stem Cell) Transplant.  It was taken on July 19, 2011.  I am now at Day 95 and am awaiting the Day 100 Milestone.  It has been a long and difficult journey, including 5 weeks in the hospital and Graft vs. Host Disease, which made my skin red and thick and leathery all over and I was so swollen you could not tell I had ankles or knees or elbows.  But that is now in the past.  Current issues have to do with swelling in the feet and ankles, which has improved since stopping one of the offending medications.  I am working now on building up my stamina. 
  I am reading a book titled "Finding God's Path Through Your Trials" by Elizabeth George.  At least in the beginning, it centers around the first few verses in James.  One quote I liked:  "Faith is not a hothouse plant that must be shielded from wind and rain, so delicate that it has to be protected, but it's like the sturdy oak which becomes stronger with every wind that blows upon it.  An easy time weakens faith, while strong trials strengthen it."  by Katherine Workman 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Sketch

  I haven't felt creative in a very long time.  I haven't had much energy.  Taking chemotherapy seems like a full time job at times.  Just when I start feeling better, it is time for chemo again.  And holding down a job, in order to pay bills and have insurance is a challenge, and a blessing as well. I had a Hickman catheter placed on March 4th, 2011, and that makes getting chemotherapy easier.  News from the Transplant Team:  they have found a donor for my Stem Cell Transplant. 
  As I said, I have not felt creative in a very long time.  But this evening, I got the urge to sketch a friend.  This sketch does not actually look like her.  She is a beautiful woman.  There are so many things I just could not get right, especially her eyes.  This sketch does not do her justice.  But, it was fun to try to sketch again.