Saturday, February 25, 2006


I've been watching the olympics the past couple of weeks, and I think it is so interesting how the character of the athletes is revealed under the pressure of the games. I noticed that Sasha Cohen and Emily Hughes carried themselves with such grace. Even though they fell during their programs, they got right back up and continued from the point where they had fallen. There was a Chinese ice skater in the pairs competition last week who took a very hard fall, and then after a couple of minutes to collect herself, completed the program with some very difficult jumps, etc. By way of contrast, there was the Italian ice dancing pair who fell during competition, and then the female half of the pair glared mercilessly at her partner. They weren't even speaking while trying to practice for their next event. They did well in their next event, and it then looked like she had forgiven her partner. Talk about conditional acceptance! I think that is such a sad way to live. Life is just so much easier when you can forgive ~ yourself as well as those around you.

I love snow

As I was reflecting today that now the snow has all melted, I realized how much I love the snow. It was so beautiful last weekend. Friday night I was at a Ladies Retreat called a "Gathering of Girlfriends" at the Cox Convention Center. There were between 650 and 700 ladies - talk about a room full of estrogen! I was so excited to get to hear Elizabeth George speak to us. Anyway, the snow/ice surprised us. I had not planned on spending the night, but decided not to drive home in the snow/ice ~ found three great friends who graciously let me sleep in their room at the Renaissance Hotel. But before going to the room to sleep, we had to indulge in the snacks planned for us by the wonderful retreat team ~ there were THREE chocolate fountains with strawberries, bananas and marshmallows to drown in the chocolate!
This picture is actually from a snow from last month but I haven't downloaded my new pictures yet.