Thursday, December 13, 2007


I just thought I would bless you with a photo of a make and take I made for Christmas at My Hearts Fancy in Oklahoma City. This should remind you of the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Ice Storm

Oklahoma has been in a deep freeze, with an ice storm that came through on Sunday, December 9th and which has affected essentially all of the state. According to reports, about half a million people across the state have been without power. We lost power on Monday from about 1:30 until 10:30 pm. Since we have a well, that meant no water as there was no electricity for the pump. And although we have a gas furnace, the fan is electric, so we had no furnace. Luckily, we have a gas fireplace. We have lost alot of trees, but we are so much more fortunate than many people. Monday as I skated down the driveway to get the newspaper, I heard what sounded like gunshots. As I looked up, I realized that the sound was due to a large tree across the street cracking and breaking as its huge limbs crashed to the ground. The city opened the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City as an emergency shelter. And now they are predicted snow for Friday evening and Saturday. I guess this is giving me a chance to stay inside and count my blessings! Here are a few pics, although by the time I got out my camera it was Tuesday and the worst of the ice had melted in our yard.