Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paint Your Art Out

I made a new friend recently, a wonderful artist named Judy Breymeyer, and she told me about a studio in Edmond named "Paint Your Art Out".  Judy was teaching a session this morning and those of us in attendance would paint our interpretation of one of her beautiful oil paintings, Ozarks in Autumn.  I had asked her if I could come, since I had never painted and she assured me that I should come and have fun.  So I did.  We all had a blast.  We painted with acrylics.  Of course, my poor painting did not look anything like hers, but I still learned alot and had alot of fun.  I think when things settle down, I will try to paint some more.  
How about you.  What do you do for fun?


Sherry said...

does she have a website? I'd love to find out more about this.
ps - show us your piece

Sharon said...

The website for the studio is
If you go to that website and then click on "calendar", and go down to October 15, you will see Judy's oil painting. I could not copy it for my blog. The one on my blog is my piece, I just put a brown frame around it on Photoshop. :o)
They have some times that are just open, in case you don't want to get your own paints out, you can sign up and paint there.
I don't know if Judy has a website or not. She is in charge of the newsletters and the directory for the Edmond Art Association. She lives here in Edmond and is just so very nice. She taught us how to mix our colors and never yelled at me, no matter that I asked a ton of questions.